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Here is a bit of nostalgia from years gone by yet the message is still poignant today. This is an excerpt from a recent column in The Citizen compiled by David Wilcox.

"Fish and Game Protector Willard A. Hoagland is concerned with the misuse of high power rifles. He reported to the State Forest, Fish and Game League in 1915, that since the opening of the hunting season there have been five horses shot in the town of Scipio alone by hunters carrying rifles afield. One of the horses, belonging to James Smart who resides not far from Mapleton, died as a result of the bullet wound. The horse was a good one and Mr. Smart had sold it for $175."

This 2020 hunting season please follow safety procedures to reduce reckless endangerment of human life and wild game.

Did you know that New York State Law requires all dogs older than 4 months to be licensed? Licensing ensures that all dogs have been properly vaccinated against rabies for the protection of both you and your neighbors. The license also makes it much easier to locate the owner of a lost dog when he or she is found.

It's simple to obtain a license. The owner must provide to the Town Clerk the following veterinary documentation: proof of current rabies vaccination and proof if the dog has been spayed or neutered. The dog license must be renewed on a yearly basis. Please contact the Town Clerk if there are changes in ownership such as your dog passes.

Effective January 1, 2021, dog license fees in the Town of Scipio will increase to:

$10.00 for sprayed/neutered dogs and $20.00 for non spayed/non neutered dogs.

The Town of Scipio continues to retain the services of an animal control officer for the purpose of controlling dogs and enforcing the laws regarding dogs. The Town contracts with Finger Lakes Dog Protection Agency; 315.253.4367 who will remove dangerous dogs, provide shelter and care for lost or injured dogs and investigate nuisance and cruelty complaints.

Please remember there is a dog leash law in effect throughout Cayuga County.

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