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Molly Dunton, Project Developer with Liberty Renewables is inviting residents from Venice, Scipio and Moravia to a public open house for the Agricola Wind Energy Project.

WHEN: Monday, July 19, 2021 4 pm - 8 pm

WHERE: Fillmore Glen State Park, upper shelter pavilion, 1686 Rte. 38, Moravia, NY

Liberty Renewables is a wind energy company based in Albany, NY. They are in the early stages of developing a proposed project of 17-22 turbines, with a total capacity of

80-100 MW. Project web page:

Cayuga County has partnered with the Central New York Regional Planning and Development Board (CNYRPDB) to help identify areas in our county that lack access to reliable broadband internet.

To assist in identifying and solving broadband internet access issues the Broadband Availability and Adoption Toolset (BAAT) was created. This BAAT survey will be used to identify areas most in need of improved internet access service. Residents and businesses in Scipio are asked to share their current internet access issues, service reliability and the affordability of their internet access options.

Please note the confidential information collected from this survey will be used to identify areas in the county most in need of improved internet access service. The information will also provide a basis for developing a plan that will be used to improve broadband internet access in the county. The plan will be completed in Fall 2022.

You are encouraged to take five minutes and complete the online survey here. Please ask you family, friends and neighbors in Scipio and Cayuga County to be a part of this study. If you have questions about the survey please contact CNYRPDB at 315.412.5966.

Recently the Town of Scipio adopted Resolution 2021-17 to endorse the Lake Friendly Living Pledge locally sponsored by the Owasco Lake Watershed Management Council. Scipio's Town Board is promoting pollution reduction strategies for land and water stewardship within the Owasco Lake Watershed.

The Town of Scipio encourages town residents to make eco-friendly choices that positively enhances their impact on lake water quality and the health and safety of water consumers. The following practices were adopted:

I pledge to refrain from using excessive lawn fertilizers and chemicals to help prevent Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs).

I will only use limited phosphorus-free fertilizers (as governed by NYS law), applied properly.

I will maintain my septic system.

I will reduce hazardous wastes and dispose of them properly.

I will dispose of prescription drugs properly; I will not flush them.

I will maintain my vehicles, watercrafts, and other recreational vehicles to reduce fluid leaks as well as the spread of aquatic invasive species.

I will use water wisely.

I will not dispose of leaf litter or lawn clippings in waterways or ditches.

I will strive to work towards practicing recommended Best Management Practices for land use activities within the Owasco Lake Watershed.

The Town of Scipio will work toward achieving the actions requested in this pledge within the town limits, in solidarity with those making such efforts throughout the Owasco Lake Watershed.