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Cayuga County 4-H Youth Fair and Market Auction

Sponsorship Opportunities

Get Involved – Become a Sponsor

Local businesses, organizations and individuals are invited to participate in this powerful learning experience and make a donation to help our youth meet their goals, reward them for all their hard work and their commitment to becoming the leaders of tomorrow.

The Cayuga County 4-H Youth Fair and Livestock Auction will be held August 3rd-5th, 2023, at the Union Springs Fire Department. Your contributions will support the youth involved in this important three-day event. The 4-H Animal Science Program builds upon the skills of young animal agriculturalists who want to further their education in this industry in a healthy and competitive environment.

Contributions will support the Cayuga County 4-H Youth Fair and Livestock Auction. This sponsorship will provide businesses, farms, groups, and individuals a chance to be prominently recognized as a contributor to the future success of our youth. Generous donors are key to building successful events and make it possible for the Cayuga County 4-H Youth Fair and Livestock Auction to provide this opportunity to our youth and public.

For more information and to learn of the options for sponsorship, please feel free to contact Erin Humphrey, 4-H Animal Science Educator at 315.253.1183, ext. 2872.

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